About Us

Grey Gables contains forty bedrooms which are divided between the most recently added extension of Grey Gables and the remainder which are found within the longest established part of the building.


Most of Grey Gables is concealed from the road and enjoys the privacy and tranquillity of the enclosed gardens.


The forty bedrooms each have en-suites. We also have 2 Stannah Stairs Lifts to aid with getting up to other floors without using the lifts if preferred. All bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms have a call bell should a resident wish to call for assistance.


There are several areas in Grey Gables where residents can meet and enjoy company including three large lounges. One of these overlooks the front of the home and the other two affords a view of spacious gardens. In addition to this there is a communal dining room.


The décor in the home is monitored by the Committee who finance re-decoration, the purchase of new carpets and furniture, and ensure that the grounds are maintained.



~ To treat all residents with dignity, respect, independence and the right to make choices and decisions on their own.

~ To provide an atmosphere which reflects a home rather than an institution

~ To support residents in their decisions so that they can make independent choices.

~ To ensure the individuality of each resident and is respected.

~ To enable residents to maintain normal routines with dignity and that they have involvement in their care.

~ To welcome visitors to Grey Gables without restraint on time.

~ To maintain links with the local community

~ To provide health promotion activities and monitor health deviations

~ To treat all residents and visitors with respect.

~ To remember that this is their home and that this is respected by all.



~ All staff will request permission before entering a resident’s room

~ All areas will be kept clean and tidy.

~ Routines will be kept flexible to account for changes in resident’s needs

~ We will celebrate all residents’ birthdays and national holidays.

~ All residents will have a plan of care.

~ All residents will have the opportunity to maintain links with the community.

~ Social activities will be planned by staff and activities coordinator.

~ The staff will ensure that the residents are reviewed by their GP on a regular basis.

~ All rooms will have personal possessions including items of furniture and ornaments. At the residents request a telephone may be installed in their room.

Philosophy of Care

Residents’ Rights

We place the rights of residents at the forefront of our philosophy of care. We seek to advance these rights in all aspects of the environment and the services we provide and to encourage our residents to exercise their rights to the full.


We always strive to provide residents with:


  • ~ Privacy
  • ~ Dignity
  • ~ Security
  • ~ Civil rights
  • ~ Choice
  • ~ Fulfilment
  • ~ Diversity
  • ~ Quality of Care



Facilities & Services

Our services are available to men and women over the ages of 65 years only.

All meals are prepared by the catering staff.


Breakfast 7.00am – 10.00 am

Coffee/Tea 10.30 – 11.00 am

Lunch 12.15 pm

Tea 3.30 pm

Evening Meal 5.00 pm

Beverage 8.00pm

Breakfast is served from 7am onwards and residents can choose to come down at any time where breakfast is served by care waiters, where a wide range of options is given on order the day before.


Meals may be taken in the resident’s own room or in the dining room. We actively encourage residents to have one meal with the other residents. Families are welcome to join in any meal time for a nominal charge.


Read more about our facilities and services here:


Our Staff

Claire Bracey



I started my employment at Grey Gables as a Care Assistant whilst studying psychology at university.  It wasn’t long before I realised that Health and Social Care was a field that I was very interested in and wanted to explore further. I have always enjoyed working with people and have a background in customer service which helped me to relate to the care industry. I have obtained an NVQ 4 in Care Management and at present I am working towards a new award, NVQ 5 which will further my knowledge to a higher level.